Twitter Activity Dashboard


The motivation behind this project is to capture user activity on Twitter during a major television broadcast and observe how well the program is resonating with their audience. The analysis can identify popular topics and hashtags, locate key users, and provide additional insights on how content is being shared.

I applied this to AEW Dynamite which airs on TNT every Wednesday at 7pm CST for its 2 hour broadcast of wrestling matches and promos. The episode on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 was especially interesting for several reasons – from anticipated reveals to the first time having to air with no live audience due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Data Collection

Technologies used: Python, Pandas, NumPY, PostgreSQL,, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap

Data Analysis

The Twitter report analysis can be found here.

Interactive Dashboard Demo

This interactive demo contains a subset of the total dataset (9,466 tweets) covering the last ten minutes of the Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 Dynamite episode and five minutes after it ends (8:50pm-9:05pm CST).

Technologies used: Python,, Dash, Heroku

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