AEW’s Two Surprise Debuts, Sammy Karaoke Spike Twitter Activity on Wed March 18th’s Dynamite

Even with all the coronavirus concerns and its unforeseen circumstances, this past Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite was still an eventful and engaging show for the fans. The graph below shows the number of Tweets relating to All Elite Wrestling on March 18, 2020 from 5:59PM CST to 10:04PM CST.

As displayed in the graph, there’s three significant spikes in Twitter activity during the show. The two largest spikes were right after they officially revealed the “The Exalted One” as Brodie Lee (WWE’s Luke Harper) (~8:14PM) and when Matt Hardy made his AEW debut (~9:01PM), respectively. Surprisingly, there’s a third spike at 8:32PM and that was just about when Sammy Guevara grabbed the microphone and started singing “Judas” as Chris Jericho entered the ring. Sammy’s singing created quite a buzz on Twitter, that was even greater than the matches earlier the night.

The top three most retweeted tweets from the evening were all from the official AEWonTNT account. The most retweeted tweet was the clip of Matt Jackson announcing that Matt Hardy is on team The Elite. Second was the clip where Brodie Lee is revealed as “The Exalted One”. The third was Cody’s sentimental opening promo for the show. This suggests that AEW is quite effective at reaching their Twitter fans with proactive content that encourages them to react and spread. The long-awaited Exalted One reveal and debut of Matt Hardy generated quite a buzz for this episode of Dynamite. It will be interesting to see how future AEW episodes reach these heights without debuts.

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